To celebrate our mum’s 50th birthday, my sisters and I organised a girl’s trip around the UK. Our first week was in England, and we covered London, Bath, Salisbury, Oxford, Bristol, Liverpool, & Windermere.

If you’re interested in a rough breakdown of our itinerary:
Day 1: London
Day 2: Bath, Salisbury & Stonehenge day trip from Londond
Day 3: London (caught up with friends, went shopping- not included in the vlog)
Day 4: Oxford
Day 5: Bristol
Day 6: Liverpool
Day 7: Windermere day trip from Liverpool
We travelled around the UK via trains.

Check out part 2 of our UK adventure: SOON!

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cats it's like the bustin Mary photo really know so it's our first day in the UK we arrived last night and we slept in the most atrocious 30 bed foster room it's not like feet and now we're going to make our way to the city and try and meet up we're going to meet up with the whole SWAT we're st. Paul's Cathedral raisa London love this and we were requesting stuff and our guide through are you cheated hold on there apparently we'll hang on London Bridge it's nowhere near as exciting as we think in the face Londyn sew it in borrow market and we found some vegan food everyone get in for a selfie in front of the Tower Bridge in front of the tower don't be fed right now unfortunately and we jumped off at the Victoria & Albert Museum hey cats how many grandchildren Victoria [Applause] Buckingham Palace she wanted to thank you is that even a real person Karthi is a city of bomb it's a video together and at the Robidas oh it's not warm how did this [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] great Cathedral and this Cathedral the Magna Carta which is very influential that was written back in 1215 and it was basically a demand from the citizens of England to King John and it basically kind of set the scene for human rights as we understand them today everyone's chasing this thing in the because I'm in attrition I bought a book about a Magna Carta and an English translation / stuff which is cool human rights and democracy is cool guys there were endless polls free so there's a memorial here or prisoners of conscience and a candle that burns for 24 hours a day or Amnesty International [Applause] [Applause] go to traditional British pub feet we've already cheers but we gotta do it for the vlog mine's a logon you guys better yeah in Oxford I'm blocking from peas face there she is and no I meant cast we're about to do a walking tour box fit one say anything no I don't like you [Applause] [Applause] this is the old Oxford University Press building it and what famous book was published in Sandra the dictionary what's the latest vibe to be added to the dictionary room brexit and the definition is awesome fuckery absolute puckering by the British government [Applause] Chloe the flower video hood Museum of History and mums apply age just mum and Chloe have gone to us at our school they go on home palace which I didn't know there too so I'm not paying looks 50 Australian dollars French tonight me do you know what igneous rocks are trust none they were all it's made from bulk at night from the volcanic put stuff they're formed in like the lava and stuff of volcanoes when I was a kid I wanted to be a geologist that's why I know a lot of random fact without realm [Applause] I want to go see some of Banksy's arts so mum is encouraging rapid intoxication three minutes I have no minutes to scold my group so Cassandra seems underwhelmed I we're on the hunt from in Bristol system Banksy are you wouldn't understand Cassandra so Bristol is supposedly the t-con where Banksy is from and this is one of Banksy's pieces behind me [Applause] here at little boom [Applause] so this morning in the pool I've separated from everyone else because they are going to the Beatles Museum and I honestly have no interest in computers and also I wanted to walk around the city to see other site because I want to save money unlike the other three so I'm just sorting out some of the sites around Metropolitan Liverpool and then I'm gonna head to the International slavery Museum so this is the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral and it's probably the most modern Cathedral Church I've ever seen in my life I'm about to no doubt so God when all things human rights the international slavery Museum the International slavery museum is really interesting and I'm very sure about how little I actually knew about how the transatlantic slave trade actually has like impacted on so much like injustice and inequality that still exists today so I went to a shop and bought a book on slavery so this morning I'm leaving the Liverpool a little bit and I'm jumping on a to have a train to Wyndemere in the light district and I'm going to be checking out that the town of the winged amia okay sir ever lived Gila in a windmill brightly at Lake Windermere which has been logically in the Lake District so this is the artist head look at the views of like many artists Bernard okay so I've been walking through the town of Windermere and I'm making my way through the trail that leads to the Brent fell viewpoint a little bit lost but Google Maps is telling me to go this way so if I'm entering private clapping Google it's oblivion I made it and the view is so nice [Applause] okay so I'm just gonna stop here at the Branchville me point and have some lunch if I head back thank you does my bucket you

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