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The ” Silver Method”


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yes I guys and welcome to a brand new video so in today's video we have got episode 2 of 0 to 2 million in 7 days hey you would you like some cheap and reliable coins would they worry they've call your plays make sure in the head of the fifa coins Oh hot swell and calm and use the same coach flair for tubes themselves or will you kid do which is a little bit more reasonable use your Amazon Prime or $4.99 subscription overall my twitch channel they may ask why would you want to do that that's a pretty good question of Corey's sorted basically you get a daily trading guide what if I've got some questions to ended Twitter DM twitch the end email business email you name it thanks for watching and make sure to enjoy the video so give you a little progress update a lot of players are sold on I do still have quite a few things in the club sites and producing about 150 170 after day one is not bad as we have to have hit an average of 200 80k day I'm pretty sure those are the seven days to hit the 2 million yeah brilliant starve see going from zero to one point 170k in a day yeah a lot of these silver selling on each one of these would have been bought I can't show you but they have a bunch that expired a second ago yeah well punch these players for about 1.2 Ken under managed to sell them between a mix of 1.9 K to 2.2 case a really good profit on them bought him for 1k got him for about a K got him for 1.5 Ken Paves uploads of these last night for 2.5 k and undo so you can see a decent flips again that is weird in the civil method which will be one of the top lines in the description it's one my main go-to methods and again we have a lot of this stuff to sell on and I still need sell a lot of stuff we go in our packs in the last episode so that is that's what we'll be doing is pretty bit silver trading not too much because we do have marquee matchups today and basically multi-man shirts always give up silver packs and as a result Silver's crashed so South Korea right now yourselves a three cake with an often marquee matchups he might be 1.5 k or even and she was 1k it's insane the way they crash and it is insanely consistent so I'm dealing enough as many coins ready for marquee matchups I'll invest all those coins I'm not gonna go unassigned on this account so I probably buy one of each and fill up the transfers and watchlist and then I hold on to them until a later date so no trading contents so far we've decided was the advanced SPC's the reason we've kind of stayed away from trading content because of of course marking matchups can be flooding Silver's tonight so don't want to be stuck with too many sylvans so we've got done the advanced hybrid League s pcs and I'm walking through them right here each their bronze is cost only 200 coins the rare gold obviously as well a 700 and the non-right goes like 400 so not too much of pro se level 3 K for that SBC for jumbo gold pack is not bad there's a 7.5 k pack worth double the amount of items we have on two suspects 7 so this as we see a game was a very very cheap 183 any custome wore at UK is something I'm not okay a hundred coins and the rest these cost me 400 coins or cheaper so yeah real cheapos we see today sub me up that one that goes and gives us a 15 K pack for a game pretty gonna be about 4 or 5 K moving on to the prime arms the thing is you guys are probably more like they're not done this it's kind of irrelevant me you know you guys guess being even interested by this but yeah prime gold pack this one only cost me 7k for 45k pack not bad even though I do think 45k pack is the worst valued you know coin value pack on the game I finally got this one again you always need one guy floating though if we had pack pulled and then it's Juarez right here and the rest of team a game gonna cost me that much more than 48 8 9 k that gives us a 5 5 k back and a mega or a rare though 5 k pad for completing the whole thing question is are we gonna gonna get anyone good last some of these packs we've got an absolute vitsin and what's a good DeMaria sorry so enough with the double 7.5 k pack who are you gonna get no walkout no board some skipping them we do manage to get ourself a wow wow well well well I mean we get a fitness but what a sad pack there's that one done right now until the second pack we manage to course 15k pack also walk out oh my oh my what are you getting oh it's screen yard that is a woeful walkout and absolutely woeful Walker probably is 86 is it down as well because of an early you also got the icon SPC is ending no I mean I taking I can't complain about a 86 and the 15k pack but okay we need him for the fitness but yeah I get a bunch of Gold's in there up see we can sell them on you get catalysts that are so long but yeah not too bad whatsoever just a very anticlimactic walkout and now we've over to the 45k pack combats back walk outs you know you want to be a you really do not want to I can we get bored me to get boards nonetheless and we managed to get ourselves English goalkeeper asking me Jordan Pickford which is a game probably one to worse at you threes you could be picking up one of the worst boards in general do you want to get Benny add a few other guys don't think we're gonna be good for too much now moving on to the mega pack and soui again this one then we don't get walkout we do get boards we get gold we get a Portuguese is a goalkeeper it's either wise let me get a Lopez if I'm not wrong one of the cheap rate falls it is we do get to eighty threes in there I can't complain or yeah it was tell them anything else mmm fitness and so on let's go discard this and crack under way with the rare mega pack which we go I think we had Filipe out of this last time so hopefully we can have something a lot better than Felipe sorry rare mega pack what do we go no walk out brilliant we do get boards okay brilliant it's a gold it's a Spanish it's a Rybak is he it was gonna be Sergey Roberto not bad I think surgery by still probably seen about 6k and his net force weaker but if you are the right befores in there no get 83 we get the the own gold God himself small Dini and and yeah that is that pack in Cancer Center made see in the CDM not bad not overly amazing pretty gonna go on or about 20 30 K profit from that and yeah well pretty sure next will probably be a little bit of trading so between the SPC's and right now you see the coins are up a little bit we've also gotten sold everyone on from the SPC's and then a little bit so we're trading now we haven't gotten done too much silver trading because as I have said earlier there are marquee matchups tonight and they will flood Silver's via rare electrum and silver packs in the marquee matchups because they're cheap everyone does them and floods the market so what we've been doing is you know not too much silver trading we are a little bit of a hurry so we'll be like undercard the silvers I luckily you don't have two minutes or so which is decent but what we have been doing because I've not really been trained with Silver's he's doing some SBC's now with Michael my species and of that obviously we haven't been going out and doing the iPhone SPC's as in the whole thing we've been doing the first part which is humble beginnings and war beginnings is we're trading a rare bronze team and you do get your silver back and obviously with us might having Silver's resupplied on the market via cheaper species because the last sheet silver SPC's we had was marquee matchups last Thursday we had a daily SPC which gave an electron pack I said they're really expensive who are doing is we're buying these whole teams no one is more than 300 coins I'll show you the filter I used to get all these players and again yeah they're gonna be cost me about 2.5 care team I'm getting a silver pack don't see the amount of expensive Silver's it's a pretty good punt so we've managed to do ourselves six SBC's which would cost about a combined 18k so now we're gonna do is we're gonna open them up and dissect the packs knowing about half an hour to sell these players before marquee matchups come outside hopefully we'll get something decent pack number one gives us a right wing from Swansea narsing yes ever not very good gold card to be honest but yeah I'm not gonna be very good for us pcs it's if we get anyone else well he can be used legacies he can be used to League SPC's and he moved them all over he's not gonna get used to legacies but hold onto he might be good for marquee matchup he's usefully SPC's he's usefully SPC's he's easily guess pcs and the rest of them we will store in the club for now just we have some coins for tonight even though the patent patent up to sorry which is uh leaves us five pack we'll skip the SBC we'll skip the walk out or whatever walk out pack animation and we get bit beyond a bit beyond ease up a little bit for SPC's he's off a bit for SPC's he is here's who else ah not bad too bit beyond e is worth some good money Columbia Ukraine Korea and there you go happy days on to the next one pack number three nothing interesting what are we gonna get we get you're not gonna so you'll be good for SPC's you're good for a species you are you I mean I'd say the good price precedes I don't actually know if they sell but I just know that obviously the the Club League whatever is it a league SBC are you going number three back number yeah pad number three so halfway through see what midpoint can give us so far their definite been a result you know I'm definitely making way way more than the ones I put into them nope you can use an S pcs you can you can you can you can you can you can that's it you see that but you basically get about one-third to two-thirds of the pack every single time so four to eight players normally can be used for the leaker species and not only get species up so for a minimum of like three four hundred coins this one again Johnson can be usefully guess pcs you can you can you can oh I think they're actually worth a little bit that team sorry and then again even these guys I'm very sure I'll get so long because they use for like the generic beginner s pcs now I've got penultimate putana our last pack feels Batman watch it out we do manage to get ourselves a lot of cone a they would have been last year Malaga before for my liquor a get relegated last season we get Guzman is used for SPC's he's useful for SPC's oh we had a bit of a bit of a dud one here yeah only to one of the whole packs a can show you that you could get a trash pack but the discard on it is still 1k hmm I'm sure you can sell them all still do coins basically just trying to prove if you would make winds evil discard I guess you won't but as you can see the majority planks were a good bit money I probably say we're gonna prof. about ten to twenty K of all these silver packs obviously I don't really know the prices but oh yeah I think we've got some decent players I don't have 25 minutes to a marquee matchup so I am in a little bit of a hurry to go and sell them on but yeah next thing you guys will see it will be me potentially rush investing for marquee matchup so we've got twenty seconds now to the SBC's and giving Ally sort of a marquee matchup we should be interesting there might be a bit money we mostly one more silver power yes you've got quite a lucky one a few expensive Silver's but what we're gonna do is we have got the SPC's in three seconds time two and one a few years gonna give us in the end so we managed to get myself a Leon by wow wow oh wow that's a cool card I don't really think there's too much to invest in it I mean Leverkusen have a few high rated cards but yeah and not that's not a bad whatsoever that Leon boy I could go if you don't invest in it I would go with probably Schalke players or high-rated like waiting backs and stuff like that the SVC is one Juventus Milan might be a little bit money on that to Dortmund there's nothing too mad on that how many a silver packs these give off electromagnetic force ilver about three planks given off silver was the overall reward pride okay so Juventus could be a play Dortmund might be a play I don't like that you only need one to Russia players Russian players might not be bad actually hmm hmm you go check out the runner doping there's that many Russian players even on the game nation let me chase out I'm very sure there isn't because there's only like three teams so arguably there'll be a lot of money on the Russians four pages I I'm actually gonna go invest in Russian replays because I don't think there's that many Russian league players actually on this game so let me go check out the formation and see what is because I'm also sure they went up last let me it's one of my chats tell you that oh wow rushing Li goalkeepers definitely Wow awesome really there's I bet you there's good money on a Russian these central players and rationally goalkeepers I bet you there's some good money on that so League Russian League there you go it doesn't even matter what they are it's good for goalkeepers first okay easy money boys easy easy money definitely gonna get rushing me goalkeepers 700 coins and then central players by golly Satya panning tower at 1.5 okay rushing ye right and left backs will probably do really well as well I'm just gonna go left and right back so I'm just gonna walk you over through what happened here because I'm pretty sure I use copyrighted music and of course there's a lot of footage so I just want to speed it up and obviously if you to listen to the audio that it would sound a bit mad so what happened was they release marking much of this they'd like I do every Thursday at 6 p.m. and one of the teams need you to use three Russian E players and two Russians well with knowing that there are literally four teams in the Russian league I may want three players and in the past these phrases go up to 2.5 k I thought they do very well so why did I do was invest as many buy as many places like good I think just under a hundred I spent just under and just over 100 K I'd oh yeah board loads of players you know first of all I left backs right back to the insider by cams and tried by as many non rare players because mom raised around them prayers and nobody rides more in a sec I'll be to tell you how much I solved them for and as I say we made a large proportion of the profit even in the whole world of glory on the marquee matchups no marquee matchups haven't been profitable for a while so yeah I would expose every Thursday for this Thursday was extremely good and yeah I'll be one time telling you how much I managed to get so as you guys I have just seen in a times laps we have bought a lot of silver Russian elites are a lot of Russia new players and so then their wife we sold them we've actually also poble made about 350 K office it's been absolutely insane we have bought them because the last time they hand more key matchups requiring Russian players they went about 2.5 k so you know when they required two Russian league and three route free Russia new players and two Russians before they do pretty well so yeah when I picked up loads a left max goalkeeper bikes in CDM they sold a lot of them bought a lot for 1.2 can under sold off for 3.2 okay and over and yeah as a result I've gone to 350 K V a trend the marquee matchups I was also streaming a lot Paul why I don't think it's too good for the YouTube because I was busy was the one into a lot my twitch chat again if you guys do have an interest at 6 p.m. when they do drop a species it's always good time to be in the stream you can follow these investments make 300k so now what are we gonna do now what we're gonna do is because the said marquee matchups we're talking about a second ago have to prime election packs to a lecture impacts a loss it was gonna be crushed you know my chest went one of ours loads I've been recommending my chance to do a lot of this and you get one election pack from the Dornan one which is a what is a rare election oh look it's just an electron so now give six gold six silvers one rare so that picks five number a citizen one where you could say and then your side this one which is a prime electron which could put six gold six silvers three rares sorry six rare so again play for them up in both rare and non-resident so what I'm going to do is going to go through the list of Silver's which I always trade with and try and get the players for about a third to half the price they normally go for because I know by Monday they're a rebound if you're watching this video and they're still half to a third or they normally go for buy them whole to Monday and they're like rebound then so yeah we're gonna pick up some players and then I'll walk you through the club and tell you what they normally go through so is the next morning I just want to end off the episode so what we ended up doing a course was making 350 K probably Plus over on the Russian league marquee matchups and then put like half their money as you can see on two silvers who are useful for the league s pcs see I use a mixture of Liga and la liga and buns liga that's because these are the three leagues and really comfortable trading with the silvers for again so mething will be somewhere one of the top lines in the description so do for free check that out as the main method I do and what I consistently refer to and and yeah so and you can see I've got loads there and I've decided to go and snack for Club up right here now the players are poor were about half to two-thirds of the price of their normally going for in a game they should easily rebound back to Monday but honestly with the lack of with the you know because these they really drop compared to normal Thursday's Thursday's them a little bit more but yeah compared to normal Thursdays they didn't drop much so I expect them to rebound even maybe why today because we didn't see too much of a drop so that is about it so again welcome today we do some SBC's we did the silver we did the first pot of like on SPC's obviously made lots of you Russians and finally ended it off investing in two silvers so thank you very much for watching it is a really appreciate that's porn the first episode is very nice be for a job like if you did enjoy it feel free to respond with any questions you do have down below no more habitants to them and I'll see you guys tomorrow where are ya we trade because I think today we went from like 200 cages 750 K hopefully move on to the mill mark just under halfway free because of course today's was maybe a little bit fluky with the 350 K but see you guys tomorrow

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  1. I'm going to invest all of my coins on the players that you recommend on this video. Your method is absolutely amazing even though I'm trading via companion app and web app. Keep up to good work! I hope can now afford the players I want it for ages!!!

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