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This reading was done with loving intention only. All negativity will get blocked and deleted. Please send out your prayers to Lauren London during this time. Nipsey DID NOT WANT TO CONNECT AND ANSWER QUESTIONS SURROUNDING HIS DEATH: HE WANTS ALL LOVE AND PROTECTION TO GO TO HIS FAMILY.

He had no words for us. He did however, wanted us to support Lauren. I am thankful that I respected his wishes and pulled for Lauren instead. This reading is to reassure her that he has never left her or his family. Please respect his family during this time and continue to send her love And Light.


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Oh guys and welcome back to my channel this is what's coming right and I am back with another reading so if you guys have been under a rock paying your bills and minding your business then you already know the traffic news that happens in this hustle he's a well respected artist in the hip-hop industry he's well known in the black community he was on the road to doing a lot of amazing things and he's done a lot of amazing things while he was here he just always spoke positivity and wanted black men to be the best they could be so it's unfortunate left so it's unfortunate that you know black on black crime a hate crime well however um it happens it's just unfortunate that it has to go down that way and I didn't do a reading for him right away I'm not gonna lie guys I didn't pull on him right away because he wasn't letting me he wasn't he wasn't rude so I will say that he wasn't disrespectful it was more so like not yet I don't feel like it's appropriate nor do I feel like it's time so of course um I respected that and I'm doing this thing where um if I'm going to pull on anyone that has passed on recent or years and years ago I'm going to make sure I meditate on it pray on it and just feel the vibration of a yes or a No and the moment he passed I felt an instant enough and when I think about it guys he was a very private person when he was alive I got a note from Michael Jackson and Prince as well he was extremely private when he was alive and he kept on his relationship under wraps with Lauren London like everybody knew him and Lorna London were together but he kept a lot to himself as as did Lauren London so I wasn't shocked that he disagreed with having me pull on him the moment that he passed he wasn't a talkative person living so more than likely he's not going to be talkative in the afterlife if you like the reason why want me to connect with him because this reading is for Noir in London so this reading is going to be dedicated to Lauren London I feel like there's enough readings on Nipsey Hussle there's enough anger and speculation and concern for Nipsey Hussle but my heart and my genuine concern does go out to Lauren London and I wanted to dedicate this reading to Lauren London it Nipsey Hussle comes through in this reading so be it but I was guided to do the reading because I meditated and asked again if he wanted to communicate and guys I can't make this up the energy was more so I don't need help help her I don't need anything help her she needs to hear the word I don't need anything right now my focus is with her and when I think about it when I think about how he moved when I think about how he kept his love life wet Lauren London so close to his heart and let me know that okay this is what he wants so if he wants me to read for Lauren I will definitely do that and honor his wishes may he rest in peace he has a very powerful energy um if you guys do want to know his energy where he stand there's a lot of anger and confusion on him but for the most part his concern is with Lauren so we're going to pull on Lauren Lauren is a Sagittarius I believe and we're going to pull on her energy I've always loved her smile and her energy and we're going to channel Lauren London and see what is surrounding her so what is the message that is coming through for Lauren London [Applause] so what I'm seeing is that um Lauren London even though it's dark and even though it's gloomy if she is watching this if anyone that knows her is watching this please pass on this message to her I have no ill intent I have no evil intentions I'm doing this simply because I was called to pass a message to Lauren London for healing reasons no more no less I don't give a if this video gets 400 views I don't care the point is I want this to be out there so if she is searching on the internet for some form of healing hopefully she sees this message when I'm guided to tell I'm Lauren London and anyone that knows her to pass her on this message the spiritual union card comes up so just know Lauren London that you are not alone and it feels that way because he's not there and I understand that but the energy of this reading is saying I am with you spiritually I have never left okay so that's the energy that I'm really pulling on and he left you a lot to look forward to he left you a harvest as I'm seeing a tree and I'm seeing like the seeds I'm seeing seeds on the tree I live in Florida so there's a lot of mango trees there's a lot of avocado trees and I'm what I visualized was a mango tree and when you see a mango tree it starts off with the flowers and then it starts off with the seeds and what I saw visually when I picked up on this card and focused on this card I saw mangoes forming so it's talking about hope so Lauren London I understand I'm the pain that you're going through it's never easy to lose someone that you love like especially the way that it happened and how brutal and how disgusting that it was but spirit is guiding to say that there's a lot of hope for you there's a lot of um there's something to look forward to and do you guys see how there's a person within hope and you guys peep that I saw visually a tree so that's symbolizing life that's symbolizing after that so when one dies something is born again so Lauren London I'm not sure if you're pregnant I'm there's rumors circulating other people have picked up on it but it's talking about how you have a lot to look forward to when I burned this candle the flames were burning in three the flame split into three I wish I caught it on camera for you guys to see and then we have three of cups to rejoice in celebration card now I do understand that um Lauren London shares a child with Nipsey Hussle already but it's talking about hope and life after death so that's the energy that came through very strong very clear so now um what else can we know about Lauren London during this time the NV card it's disgusting it it's really disgusting what happened I'm not going to lie like I'm very very upset um Lauren London you're being guided to move there's something painful about the space you're in you're being guided to move and I actually burned this candle for Lauren and you see how the flame is very dim you see how the flame is very weak there's not a lot of energy within her so send out yup send out prayers and well wishes to her continue to lift her up continue to send her words of encouragement guys every time you do that it takes her out a little bit of the hole that she's in but she's still in it so every time you send her words of encouragement it really does help so continue to send nothing but love is kind of upsetting that cord blood to some stupid by her but whatever we're not that we're not gonna talk about that so what is surrounding Lauren London the envy card broken heart healer of the ages and walking wait I'm Lauren you're being guided to move you're being guided to relocate you're being guided to step away from the space that brought you pain um yeah Lauren lemons being guided to move it's too painful for her to be where she's and I'm hearing mother um Lauren London could be staying with her mother or staying with a motherly figure or a grandmother she could be stayin around around women right now she's not alone she's not by herself if anyone is wondering but there are plans of relocating and moving and we won't really necessarily hear from it if she does make the decision to move and relocate herself um I don't know if it's going to be outside of the state but it's definitely going to be um somewhere out of the home or the neighborhood there's a lot of heavy energy there um it is talking about how the home that she shared with him as much as there was happiness there were bad moments so it's almost like every wall every door every window there's a memory tied to it there's too much that's going on within her she can't be in that space right now she has to be with family so I actually feel like the house is empty the house is empty it's showing all the windows are black is showing all the doors are locked and she's also not in that home for um safety reasons she has no choice but to relocate and actually go under wraps I saw somebody hiding under the covers so we're not going to see her like that okay so this is why I was guided to do the reading because there's a lot of fear here but Christ Jesus Christ is here as well it's seeing that his death had a lot to do with jealousy and a lot of anger pent up um he doesn't want me to talk about him he wants me to focus on her but she's acknowledging that she warned him about something before this went down it's saying that she she's blaming herself that she could have called she's blaming herself that she could have called because it's saying that he wasn't supposed to be there at that moment does I hope that makes sense so she's blaming herself about something so Lauren don't blame yourself please he would not want you to blame yourself and you should not blame yourself energy surrounding Lauren London Asus cops the Sun card reverse knight of Pentacles three of swords so another symbolism of heartbreak it keeps talking about life and death is talking about rebirth transformation a cycle so Lauren London she's either pregnant or could be dealing with thinking that she's pregnant or dealing with the loss of a child because it's taku there's a child in this situation there is a child in this situation so there is worry and anxiety around a child and then you top that off with everything that she's going through so her energy is very it's a lot there's a lot of people offering to help her there's a lot of people offering to carry her during this time because she's not emotionally there nor is she responding to people okay so my next question my next question what is in the future for Lauren London what is in the future for London okay Lauren he doesn't want you to give up your dreams he doesn't want you to stop your light you see this candle guys your light is so dim he doesn't want you to stop your dreams there is an opportunity for Noor in London to revamp her acting career she's putting it on pause of course as she should but he doesn't want it to prolong so now he's coming in telling her you got work to do you see what I'm saying it's kind of like be strong you got work to do like that's the energy I'm feeling it's not tough love but he was that person that carried her what she didn't believe in herself so this is not him being nonchalant it's more so like you got this you can't let this jump in front of your blessings you have to push this you have to keep going you have to finish what you started you've worked so hard and I don't want I don't want these people to I don't want this to happen to you it's hurting him that she's hurting guys he's more concerned for her this is why I wasn't guided to read for him because he doesn't have any words for me he doesn't have words for anyone he doesn't have anything to say at least with me it's just more so like at the end of the day it is what it is I mean Lauren to be okay I need UI to lift her up because I was the person that did that for her nobody around her is lifting her up the way that I lift her up who's gonna lift her up who's gonna make sure she good who's gonna make sure she's okay I don't give a about anyone calling me legend this that his energy is not even on him his energy is solely focused on Lauren because she's falling apart cuz most of her cars are reversed the start card this is talking about an opportunity and she might put it on hold indefinitely she might not even do it at all and he does not want her it's saying that she put her career she put a lot of things on pause for him I'm not gonna lie it's not a rude way but it's more so like she was very focus on just being down and being with him and carrying his family and making sure everyone was okay making sure the kids were okay so it's almost like she lost herself and the vibe of being her it's like she lost herself in the sauce of being a mother and being a good woman to her man now that doesn't mean that she regrets it the energy is not being regretful of it but it's more so like now that I filled the role of being a mother and being a wife or a girlfriend or whatever whatever now that I fulfilled that part of my life and I have so much fulfillment and happiness I can now focus back on my career and really unleash discipline and really unleash what the world is waiting on me to do and that's put my craft out there and he spoke a lot of positivity into her so his energy is still are you gonna get this done you know what I'm saying and he doesn't want me to you know again he does not want me to read on him he wants me to read for her and help her and he wants anyone that is reading on the situation to really help Lauren that's what he was more than anything cause it's like I don't really have any words you know I don't have words there's a lot of anger on his end but I feel like that anger is because you guys are focused on the wrong things like I understand all of that but please be there for Lauren's please carry her please don't disrespect her please you know he wants his friends to watch over her kids to watch over his kids so I heard that coming through it's more so like wow guys what's his son is he like a fire sign was a sign let me let me look up his sign because this feels like a Aries Sagittarius Leo man what's the sign what is his sign boom okay I just found that okay he's a Leo that's why guys real men are about their family you understand like Leo meant it's like they are about their family once they commit they commit and they are about their children they are about their woman they are about making sure the family the unit is okay so his energy is more so of y'all make sure that my woman yeah make sure that she's okay yeah make sure that y'all make sure that my kids are okay please that's the energy that I'm getting it's a desperation and a fear that I'm not there to protect so that's what I'm getting from him but what is the comfort more in London what are some messages from Lauren London that spirit wants to give her Lauren London's moving Lauren London is moving we won't see a lot of her that's the lovers the moon [Applause] I heard spiritually who I heard spiritually we will not see her for many moons so you might not see a lot of her guys there's fear and worry about her safety okay okay okay Lauren needs to move out Lauren needs to get out of that area so if Lauren London and her people if you guys are watching this you need to set preparations and just moving don't go back to that space he doesn't want you to go back it's not safe don't go back to that space please don't go back to that space you know cops that's that's a grandmother or a mother figure that's protecting Lauren [Applause] yeah yeah there's a lot of anxiety here don't go back to that space do not go back to that space stay with family so I'm definitely feeling that please stay with family if any one of her people are watching this tell her to continue to stay with family because that's what he would want it's not safe it's just the energy of not saying that's what I heard intuitively from my own intuition not safe okay is Lauren London pregnant Lauren London [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] it was um there was definitely I thought I was pregnant but I really wasn't you ever like thought I were pregnant and then y'all checked it but I really wasn't pregnant that has happened in the past but can I honestly say that if she is pregnant cuz I I do feel like she is or she's thinking about it she's too much in her emotions to pay attention to what's going on within her body she's not with herself right now to pay attention to the waves of it all [Applause] there's going to be money left for Lauren there's going to be money left behind from him to Lauren she's scared of coming out she doesn't okay that's why he wants the reading in the message to be for her emotional withdrawal we're not gonna see much of her guys she this is what I am going to say about Lauren London yeah I know she has a deep love for to pot as well as I do and a lot of people love to pop right and I know I'm going off tangent but just hear me out Tupac led a life similar to Nipsey Hussle so in a way she ended up being with someone that became a sacrifice that became someone that ended up going down for the world to see that things needed to change the same thing happened with Tupac the same thing happened with X so when we love something so much guys we do tend to attract that in another person and they could share the same stars in the same legacy and a lot of numerologist put the two and two together that Tupac xxx and nipsey hussle all had the same constellations of the number of sacrifice wishes 11 okay so that's kind of creepy that that card came through and she's low-key acknowledging that and putting that and just thinking about that she's thinking of a lot of scenarios she stays up washing on conspiracy theories just to kind of validate what she's feeling another thing that I'm gonna say his arm I do feel like there's a pregnancy here if she is pregnant I don't think she's aware cuz I don't think she's paying attention why does Nipsey Hussle want Lauren to stay away from the house why does he want her to stay away from the house there's somebody watching the house there's somebody watching the house um News is going to come out someone closed okay Oh someone close to them gave that person his location not the best friend but someone that's like in the neighborhood or like around gave the details of where he was okay he feet the home is being watched like if she was I see how the card is like walking away I feel like she's with her family but he does not want you to go back it's basically saying if you walk out of those gates like those people are watching you and I don't want them to follow you to where my family's out to where your family is that I want those people I would say it like it is he said I want them niggas to stay exactly where the they're at like that's kind of how I heard it and I'm sorry if I have to like you know cussing whatever like I cause all the time so I don't know why I'm apologizing but he doesn't back home is being watched being watched being watched don't go back being wash you can't go back appreciation reverse it's being washed there's a lot of money and there's a lot of money there's there's a lot of money within the house these cards came up by the way there's a lot of money in that house so somebody has to go back and get it but he doesn't want her to specifically go and get it so it's almost like move all of your out but I don't want you being in there so call a moving company call whoever you need to call but I don't want my people there so it's like everybody's staying away from that area because they feel like they're being watched so don't go so Lauren London I'm staying where you're at you're safe where you are right now stay where you're at that's probably why I picked up on a lot of moving energy he doesn't want you to go back the storm were clear the storm will clear in about three months and you can go back and get your things you can go back and get the things that are hidden in that home so you could relocate cuz I don't feel like you're gonna stay there I do like the motion card I do feel like you're moving but you're not guide at the skater this is talking about depression so this is why the energy has lift her up because I don't have any words lift her up support her love her be there for her he comes up at an archangel michael for I'm Lauren London always protecting her Lauren London he's never left you he will never leave ever they're after money don't go to that space okay don't go to the house go in three months it's not safe for you to go now don't go yeah don't go you know the Sun card came up in different variations in this I'm reading beautiful so let me pull on a message let me pull on loving message cuz there's a lot of protection I just keep hearing protect protect protect protect I keep hearing that loud and clear this Sunday is very protective of her oh he's very protective of her very protective of her so the message that I'm doing is to send a message to the universe that Lauren London needs to be protected protected loved cherished respected during this time like all that stupid that code that black was doing none of that none of that all of his friends should rise up and continue to protect her and their celebration because men that surrounded him or surrounding her so that's a beautiful vibe she keeps getting cards of movement she's moving there's nothing for her in that area she's moving I keep repeating myself and I'm trying to see if I get more information we're not going to see from her yeah so this is what I'm going to predict for Lauren London this is what I'm predicting for her [Applause] [Applause] yes sometimes I pull as many cards as I can just the feel of her energy and the cars that I visualize came out so this is what I'm going to predict for Lauren London Lauren London my heart goes out to you Lauren London you're being guided to not go back to your home you're being guided to stay with family you're being guided to be surrounded by family and for the next six months you're being guided to stay away he will start to communicate what you do dreams he will start to communicate what you do dreams he will start to show you signs that he's never left right now your emotions are too heavy to see that he's around okay but he's never left he is around you there's a lot of anger towards him there's a lot of meant okay there's a lot of anger from him not anger toward you but anger that he's not there to physically protect you but he's going to spiritually protect you for the rest of his existence for as long as he continues to be a guardian of your son you and your children and your family he'll continue to be an Arch Angel Michael energy for you I do select it as a child there's already like bloggers reports there's already things coming out about that I do feel like something's going on around that and if there is we're not going to hear much of it through the source itself which is Lauren so Lauren you're being guided to just really hide out you owe nobody an explanation you owe nobody an interview you owe nobody nothing okay your Display of her everything has been just put out like she was breaking down at the hospital people have their phones out you know what I'm saying it's just there is no room to mourn the way that she needs to so please take all the time that you need you owe no one an explanation disconnect unplugged from social media heal and anyone that loves her and supports her and respected Nipsey Hussle will continue to uplift her give her words of encouragement she sees it she appreciates it and she respects the love that's being given out there for her my heart really goes out to Lauren London but he has never left you he has never left you I'm sorry to everyone that wanted me to connect with him deeper and ask how did he feel when he died how did he feel like this how did he feel like that but as a Bosnia Bosnia I do want to apologize on my internet but I'm respecting his wishes by making this reading for her and my message to you Lauren is nothing is lost when something dies another thing is reborn if it's not a child is definitely something else please continue to be the light in your children's life you are loved you are cherished you are respected by me and so many people that happen to be watching this video so my hand I'll stretches to you you ever been to church and when somebody was grieving their hand out stretches like this y'all need to give her that loving energy to her cuz she needs that she really needs that right now so I'm happy that I did this reading solely for her she has a lot of blessings she has movies like two movies are in the works for her Lauren London six months and then emerge come back you don't owe anyone an explanation but you are you are left okay and you're not going through this alone that's what I'm feeling for Lauren London you are so loved and you are not going by this alone and he is going to reveal himself to you through dream you will always see him you will always feel him cuz I feel like she has the gift of still she doesn't see she feels she can feel you'll feel him okay now I just got something Lauren um when you feel warmth when you feel an embrace that's him you have the gift of sealing your um you have the gift of sealing vibes and feeling energy that's what made you chose to be with him you're going to feel when he's around you're going to feel that hug because one of the best things she loved about him was his hugs you're going to feel it okay you're going to feel it when you least expect it so Wow he loves you and we love you and you're in my prayers my love thank you guys so much for watching this reading thank you guys so much for tuning in um let's just give love to Lauren London mwah bye


  1. More witch craft talking about a loving message from terra reading for Laura London ain’t nothing loving about witch craft bunch of fake prophets the Bible say in the last and ever l days like we in now there will be fake prophets rising up to deceive many and only a fool will turn from the truth if it’s not Jesus Christ it’s not right,but until the end satan has his followers and God has his but who do you think will be on reign at the end God has the final say,if you don’t honor Jesus Christ you’ll honor anything 🙏🏿😔😒

  2. I think cowboy gave that guy the location. That day nipsey wasnt supposed to be there that day and gave his security the day off. So how would Eric know to come there?!!! Lord please watch over lauren, the kids and his family! Oh and also of shes pregnant we wont know because she's very private. Definitely will continue to pray for them!!! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  3. With the child thing.. At the funeral she said her heart is hurting the most for her son that he won't know how much Nip loved him…Maybe thats where thats stemming from?

  4. I’ve watched several Nipsey/LL readings since his death and this is the only one that has brought me to tears. My wish for Lauren is that she can reach the same level of comfort and peace that Nipsey’s mother Antonique has. But that soulmate energy is on another level compared to a parent. I wish her all the peace in the world during this trying time. I hope she will find the light again, another great love also!


    Thank you for sharing this message with us, we really appreciate your gift.

  5. I dont think Lauren was too big on the spotlight.. She didnt mind be a queen to her man and being a mom…. Ermias love the spotlight he wanted her to be out there, follow her career, he had her in every video i taught that was real dope, he's like if am shining we both shining!

  6. So did they live in the hood or outside of it? Also, if Cowboy is involved he knows for sure where she would be staying right now. Also, my heart and energy believes that Jroc, Jstone, YG, Snoop and the rest of those homies WILL MOST DEFINITELY protect her. Hands down and off the strength that they weren't there to protect him.

  7. This may sound crazy, but I am a medium, and I don't know Nip or Lauren , but am a fan of Nipsey, and I had visions of there being money in the house, and maybe the person he was helping, from jail, had led to where he was (his store) somebody told "Eric Holder" where he was and will be without security. I'm in awe…

  8. My heart is broken after listening to the card reading. Nipsey was a real man stood up for what he believed in and loved. Lauren your man is your guardian angel and will always be……

  9. I didn’t see anyone saying anything about her being pregnant but I had a feeling within myself that she’s pregnant. Prior to this or right after he passed I was watch videos of her on IG and I was getting a motherly feeling. Not one of her being a mother but being a mother again. Time will tell

  10. It’s should me all men not just black.. we all bleed the same..That’s the ignorance. When we all die we have no color color does not exist nationality does not exist we are so separated in this country it’s sad whites are excepting and want to become one with the black community is not having that I hope it changes sadly I don’t see that happening at least in my cards bread there’s a lot of animosity towards the past which none of us were born

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