Budget friendly Korean food in London trying Korean fried chicken, dakgangjeong (닭강정), soju, mandu dumplings (만두), crabstick jeon (게맛살전) and jjajangmyeon (짜장면) A slight variation of an mukbang/eating show!

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hi we are at a restaurant called Tracy which is a Korean restaurant in Holborn and we are so excited we are trying some scallions garlic pretty stuck on the inside it's gonna mix up like so right really thin slices of cucumber and almost like between Sudan then you would love very rich I am sucking in a whole chicken typically how do you get a big plate like this so gonna be a struggle to finish but I am sure I am now done with the food and I am so pulled for very very satisfied and highly recommend this place if you're ever in Holborn in London area but let me know what you think in the comments below and if you liked this video then it would be great if you give it a big thumbs up and subscribe if you want more I'm not gonna walk home because I need to walk this off and I'll see you and with this continued thought she came in as well and traditionally that have chicken or lean pork or beef the scallions is definitely a must it's like with my mum

13 thoughts on “🍴The BEST Korean Food in London | Cheap Eats in London | London Travel Guide | Shu

  1. i love to try all cuisine Korean in LOndon since I have babies we have to look through the premise careful and ask the staff do they allow buggy and have space for it 🙁 some of traditional places that i really wanna try like Hozi with black bean noodles but this place seems small for family 🙁 painful huhu anw thanku for review

  2. How do you describe the food so well?? Seriously, how do you do that? Ever contemplated about a career as a food reviewer or editor or something? You eat sooo much amazing food on your trip, I'm so jealous! Thanks for captioning the video, makes it so much more understandable😃😃😃

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