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Come with us to London! This was a fun day in which we visited the British Museum and the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

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good morning guys it's 5:30 in the morning we're right at the airport at 4:00 and we are flying to London how are you feeling we don't have our faces on yet we're too tired we already had like a ton of coffee so yeah surprise it's raining so we just bought tickets for the Heathrow Express that success into patented station and we just this current Runa doesn't have to be which was a happy stress because we were only paying forty four pounds instead of sixty six pounds which I had budgeted for so so yeah and they told us how to find the Train so that's what we're going right now and then we're gonna head to the that way the tube and then during hotel drop everything off of the hotel and then head out probably to the British Museum first so we I'm gonna arriving right over there and get to travel on there we're talking on the key throat Express right now and we are going to hear hear we're gonna walk over to there catch the yellow or pink line to this piece here and then watch oh yeah so we directed the hotel on we're gonna give you a tour this is the keycard and this is it okay that's rune oh you found the ropes and the sleepers should say I have everything he looks like the king of and they actually gave us two rooms because we had a suite but they offered us to roost two rooms with a door connecting them they just have to open the darkest we don't have the keys yet they have to give that give us the key but this is the bathroom she's pretty nice look at this that's for the towels and it's a pretty nice sized shower that's me I just got changed because the other t-shirt I was showing a little bit too much belly and it's kind of chilly but it has nice details and it's nice and the Heather's next to it there's a cell phone the closet it's a nice size where's the safe oh the safe is here and they have a real hair dryer it's cool what is that this is a shoe shop oh cool here are things where you gonna head out in a second and then this these are the use um I don't know if this is the entrance or if this is the back I think this is the back actually I think the entrance and it's raining but yeah we're gonna head out where you're gonna go to the British Museum and downstairs at the reception desk they recommend that we just go as early as we can they open at 10:00 and it's 10:00 12:00 right now so yeah we're gonna do it I think we're at the onions first all of your research we're walking towards the British Museum right now returning to finding absolute shows what we don't know really really we're in the right general direction but we don't know we're really giving in to it straining not a nice weather but you get what you get three games okay we're about to enter the British Museum we waited for like 40 minutes and it was raining an hour okay post an hour where do you want to go Egypt we want to see Egypt Middle East I want to see H increases bro that's your move out okay well then let's see Egypt first and then Enchantress around there probably this place is absolutely marked that's to see the percentage though the noodles are heavier than the rock oh no it wasn't in there see translation there's two kinds of bases they are very black and then there's black currants that's what my brother was explaining my mom would love this one for her house my brother just had tacos at Parthenon is here instead of him Athens so we finished the British Museum we ate in a new Italian restaurant and now we're going to go to the Sheryl Crow Museum [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] are we doing we've been waiting an hour and 20 minutes children 30 and our there need to be Sherlock Holmes house [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] in the next few minutes telling you a little bit about this magical property just here now first of all the building were all standing in right now two to one be Baker Street this property is two hundred and twenty-five years old so this really is a very very old core TV now Sherlock Holmes and dr. Watson themselves they actually lived here from 1881 to 1904 so we're talking roughly about 15 years together but this was their study this is where they would come to sort of relax in the evening and also to discuss all sorts of cases of going now this room also used to haxe is their workspace and Solrock an office to them as well and this is what would happen on a daily basis the clients would come through the door just here and they would always sit on the shades long so far situated at the back of the room just there now Sherlock Holmes himself he would always sit down here this little wicker chair with his note pad and quill and he would jump down great deeds out wherever the clients were telling it now also if you look around the room we've got some lovely antique items in it and we do have a few items that belong to Sherlock Holmes himself now we've got Sherlock's world-famous violin just here now this file in is over 150 years old and this was a very very important sword for this nose and the reason being when Sherlock played the violin it really really helps you to relax and when Sherlock was is most relaxed he would find himself actually having visions of things that were going on with paternity so this here really brought Watson to Sherlock and the whole of this detective business now also if I could just draw your attention to the matter please just get up now this photograph in the silver surround this is one of the only few people to ever outwit Sherlock Holmes himself and of course this is all you read Adler just here now mrs. Adler she was a an opera singer as well and this is why she's dressed a little bit flamboyant me in this photograph now also if I could just draw your attention to the frame on the back wall there now mr. Holmes he was very very honored one evening so what he did is he whipped out his pistol took aim at the wall and bang bang bang bang he shot the initials of Queen Victoria into the water step got the V on the left and the are on the right now this stands for Victoria Regina which is also the Latin name not the Old English language in Queen Victoria okay ladies and gentlemen thank you very much for your time and thank you all for listening to me I do feel free now to roam the museum go wherever you like do feel free to take photos videos and there's members of staff in every room were all experts on Sherlock Holmes so do feel free to approach us and ask us absolutely anything you like Sherlock's bedroom just next door dr. Watson and mrs. Hudson's bedroom just upstairs but do feel free to ask us questions if you test us thank you very much everyone [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] it's all the line to see Sherlock Holmes house hi if this entire life you look over there that's what started those all working here look over there continues all the way out there in fact it still goes you can't really see how but it still goes and then your agent hours waiting and then you're in there for what eight minutes maybe it's very good to on the brain [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

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  1. You are so chipper and your son is just dragging! LOL Looking forward to the British Museum too ~ but all of the lines and waiting in Europe Ugh! I was hoping to hit at least 4 attractions a day … with all of that waiting, it doesn't look like that will happen. Although, you did visit in the Summer.

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