Here’s our second day outing in London to National Gallery, British Museum & China Town. We began our journey with the London double decker bus to Trafalgar Square.

Our first visit was to London’s National Gallery houses more than 2,300 paintings from top artists like – Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio, Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso.

Then we visited London’s British Museum houses a collection of over two million years of human history – Greece, Rome, Egypt, India, British, China, Japan. Highlights include – Rosetta Stone, Parthenon sculptures, Amaravati, and Egyptian mummies

Finally on the way back we went to London’s China Town is a great place to try out authentic Chinese food in the hear of London.

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hello guys welcome back so is the two seconds long you know that analyze the week you have over could over the Grady I give every outfit element 30 nano so a local event such as welfare you want to British Museum but the National Gallery grave ok no c'mon Anthony Akuma art so a layer of the fence so Lauren Haeger day I do our seven and sulfa boring my investor vanilla Broc in order to modify to eternal of our I think if a today but then again so the other idea is already one o clock acquitted a panic attack [Applause] they 20 degree we'll find in celestina car but at the heart hey guys welcome back so our lunch money to the 44 by 3 o'clock Agata select after narrowing down face rarely last time got national gallery over there every camera better I'll go pootie less or nor an oven instead forwarding her get the bartender for more interesting I have too much an idea – so – why they artists arboretum I start attack so even in the world [Applause] nice national gallery I to evoke a British Museum of ability be here again Prince Martha theory we must time almost six or seven by four torches it's almost a Tonka whistling Gaeta open it actually opening 30 think itís almost two more than two hours to get an order give a girl museum : aura time already 7:15 in notes iodine is prediction hands up so in the 9:30 were a particular death so William 15-minute walk answer that so a little bit on my name is Poonam and I hope you guys have a try not to talk about the debate will fill north of a very Chinese store say that [Applause] guys he was an entertainer episode sadly Terry they're too much so you've lost again martini I'm telling my character 16 offense

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  1. Hai dear Ramya very nice trip so wonderfully enjoy very much happy to seeing paintings fentastic you so beautiful I like your smile voice God bless you with lots of health and wealth happiness always with your family nice 😆💑💑💑👌👌👍👍💖💖💖💞💞💞

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